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Coupon and deal websites have taken off in the last couple of years and rightfully so. With the economy taking a toll on everyone’s wallet, shoppers search for coupon codes or printable coupons before they make their purchases. The problem is, where do they go to find these deals and how can you capitalize on this niche market?

Introducing Clipper, a coupon and deal management application theme for WordPress. Now you can be their source for discounts and make money from affiliate sales and monetize the traffic with our powerful new theme.

Complete coupon management tools

clipper custom post type

Capturing that discount demanding traffic is easy with Clipper because we have done all the hard work for you. Clipper uses custom post types and taxonomies to create a dedicated coupon management section that stays separate from blog posts. Coupons in Clipper have their own tags, categories and coupon types. It’s even setup with a custom store taxonomy and each store can have unlimited coupons.

Clipper also includes a built-in user ratings system, detailed statistics, “copy to clipboard” code links, problem reporting, dynamically generated store screenshots, social network integration, AJAX comments, email marketing widget ,and much more.

Unique features for your websites users

clipper subscriber dashboard

You will want to give your visitors a reason to return to your website, so we integrated unique features that allow for more user interaction. Your visitors can easily register (optional) and submit coupons via the “Submit a Coupon” form. They can keep track and manage all of their submissions via a dedicated user dashboard. Visitors can also rate coupons and report problems.

Coupon expired? Not to worry. Any user can click the “Report a Problem” link on a coupon and you’ll be notified via the admin panel and email instantly. You will also be able to capture those traffic leads and keep them coming back with a built-in “Subscribe to New Coupons” sign up form which integrates with several popular email marketing systems.

Clean, contemporary design

Clipper color options

At AppThemes we build more than just themes, we build fully functional web applications. But that doesn’t mean design is not important to us. We strive to make all our application themes attractive, contemporary and easy to use for your website visitors and Clipper is no exception. Front-end pages are clean and thoughtfully laid out.

We integrated AJAX components throughout to make your Clipper site easier to use. You will also have a choice between five different color schemes. However if you want something more unique, Clipper code is well-structured and W3C compliant. If you have the resources, you can create your own design and implement it with ease.

Completely extensible

We understand that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. That’s why we’ve included a robust framework which allows developers to easily hook into the Clipper API. This means you can swap out sections of Clipper with ease or even build your own components without having to modify the core code.

This makes it easy to upgrade in the future and not have to worry about blowing away your custom changes. The API includes 50+ hooks which means you can hook into pretty much any section. Clipper also supports child themes so you can re-skin or override entire page templates.

Plenty of extras

Fully widgetized sidebars

You can add Clipper to an existing website or use it alone because Clipper comes packed with enough features to create a fully functional website. Clipper allows you to add additional WordPress pages and blog posts separate from coupons. Manage your main navigation menu just like you would in any WordPress installation.

Sidebars and footer are fully widgetized with specialized widgets for Clipper’s coupon features. Clipper also supports banner ads, is SEO-friendly and integrates with Twitter and Facebook. It also includes a .csv importer so you can quickly migrate over your legacy coupon site or bulk upload a batch of coupons.

Setup your coupon website in minutes

Using our step-by-step installation guide, you can have Clipper up and running in no time. Create coupons in minutes and start generating the traffic you always wanted.

Check out the Clipper product page for more details. You can also visit the Clipper demo site to see it in action.

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 Comments (80)

  • Aaron

    Looks fantastic.

    Some of the features you have on release are completely missing on other scripts of the same ilk.

    Definitely buying this one in a few hours!

    • author

      @Aaron, glad you like it. We’re really happy how it turned out. Got a chance to use some cool effects with ajax and real-time page updates. 😉

  • Celina

    Finally, thank goodness! Love the design. But hey, take a look at the slider on Safari. It is cut off right below the navigation arrows..?

    • author

      @Celina, You’re not supposed to be using Safari. j/k

      Thanks for letting us know. We’ll look into a fix for the next release.

  • NS

    Finally you guys.. just in time for pay day aswell 😉

    However, looking at the demo, can’t seem to find anyway of monetizing for example charging businesses to promote their printable coupons etc.

    Will this be available in the next version or is there an option to offer free/paid?

    • bb

      That is a GREAT idea. I didn’t even think of that. I would like to know as well.

    • silver

      What about featured coupons ? Can we charge the customers to have this feature ?

      • author

        @silver, no charging for listing coupons at this point. It’s something we’d consider adding if the consensus is strong enough.

        • 405Media

          Of course we want support for paid coupons… move that to the top of the want list right now 🙂

          • author

            @405Media, well let’s see what the general consensus is before moving it to the top of the list. 😉

        • sumayy

          Hi David;

          I vote for charging on listing, even small amount but definitely will help to pay my gasoline bill on my 5.7L Tundra 🙂 Looking forward for Pricing model, gateways and the whole kit.

        • Matthew O’Gara

          Hi David,
          Yep – defo. Users should be able to sign in, create an account, upload pics/vid links, business contact details, facebook/twitter integration, google map and business’ able to create their own offers/discounts/coupons. Options of FREE or paying either mothly, 6 monthly or yearly. Site with adsense as an additional monetisation plus banner & ads in dashboard set up, rotating.

          This is what I’m looking for anyway! 🙂

          I think you are nearly there with Vantage and Clipper, both of these are excellent ideas for stand alone sites, wonderful work. A combo of these two would absolutely rock… or coupons added to Vantage. Make it Ad-Vantage?!?! 🙂

          Love your work – I’m waiting for Vantage, might have a stab at Clipper too…

          Well done, congrats on your release!


        • chris

          Please ad this feature… 🙂

    • author

      @NS, the best way to monetize is from the traffic (advertising) and embedding affiliate links into relevant coupons.

      In our opinion, charging visitors to post coupons is counter intuitive and turns people away which is why we didn’t build in that feature.

      If you’d like to request it, submit your idea to the Ideas Exchange and we could consider it.

      • Luiz Albertini

        Hello david, I was almost happy with the Clipper.
        The template is very nice but in my country, monetize like ClassiPress would be great, much better than traffic (advertising) and embedding affiliate links into Relevant coupons. I’ll wait for that possibility. Congratulations on the consistency of their work.

      • Claude Gelinas

        I’d love for the billing option to be added, too!

        My use is for local coupons so I’ll be the one handling the listings but I’d love for the PayPal billing to be handled within the script.

        Thanks for my Clipper available!

        When is Vantage coming out?

  • Pete


    Looks great… Any news with the Vantage Theme?


    • Iskandar


      I’m happy to see the birth of this theme. That means you guys can now focus on the theme that so many of us want — the Vintage.

    • author

      @Pete, Vantage is next on our list after we get out ClassiPress 3.1. You can always check the latest status on our release status page.

      • Pete

        Great, thanks for the reply, Really look forward to it!

      • Alvin

        Hi David, i would love to see the 3.1 update and vantage , but what i really need is the jobroller update with employer profiles and jobseekers! Will this come somewhere in between?

        Once you have the groupon style for clipper i will get the Clubtheme for sure!

  • Mike

    Can you charge businesses for posting coupons? Will you be adding location-based search?

    Will there be a separate tab for printable coupons?

  • MrMac

    David, continue the great work! I will be purchasing Clipper, the upcoming ClassiPress, JobRoller and Vantage. The work you’re providing at these prices, honestly can’t be beat. You’re saving my small company hundreds of thousands of dollars in development cost.

    You have my full 100% support! Thank you so much for creating these scripts or applications and I thank you for not quiting, when the frustrations from behind the scenes probably almost pushed you to shut everything down.

    Have An Outstanding Day

  • customer

    A great theme thanks.

    1. It would be great to have an option to only show the discount to registered users.

    2. Payment system for registration, so basically if you signup on the site, you get access to all the coupons.

    3. There does not seem to be a way to print the coupon


    • author


      1. We’d consider it. Feel free to add them to our Ideas Exchange.

      2. See above

      3. Yes you can easily print coupons. After clicking on the “Print Coupon” it pops open another tab. Print the page and you’re done.

  • Steven Gliebe

    Wow, guys, it looks as good as I think anybody would expect from you. Nice work. Thinking of picking up a copy myself.

  • Jim

    Great work David, looks smashing mate.

  • Howiej

    Hi David,

    Have been watching the dev cycle of this one and now it’s ready am keen to give it a go however …..
    We here in the UK commonly call them Vouchers not Coupons, so how many instances throughout the site would you guess there are that I’d have to change?

    All the best

    • author

      @Howiej, all the Clipper text is in a .po file (a WordPress localization format) which means it’s easy to change into other languages.

      You would edit the included clipper.po file with something like PoEdit and then replace all mentions of “Coupons” with “Vouchers”. Save it as “en_UK.po” and off you go. There’s a few more steps which you can read about in the full instructions on “how to translate a theme“.

      If you also want to change the urls and custom post types from “Coupons”, you’ll need to edit one file before installing the theme. We can walk you through that part once you’re at that point.

  • Mark

    Thanks for making this!!!

  • Oliver

    So Clipper targets the online market coupons but not the physical market, nor the geo-based market. I was expecting more inspiration from Groupon business model with listings per city.

  • 艾可优

    i`m so happy ,

  • moon

    Any chance to get coupon for this nice coupon theme? 🙂

  • Adam W. Warner

    Looks great guys, really nice!

    The first question that came to my mind was…where am I going to find all these coupons in order to populate my coupon site? I understand I can reach out to my affiliate partners and request/grab coupons, but I was half expecting some kind of integrated script from a coupon affiliate site or something. I don’t even know if one exists though:)

    Great work and I’m excited about the implementation I have in mind!

    • author

      @Adam, if you happen to find any sort of coupon site that has integration, let us know. In the meantime I recommend joining an affiliate network such as Commission Junction which has a database of thousands of retailers offering commissions on referrals.

      • Adam W. Warner

        I will certainly let you know if I find one. I’m a member of CJ and many other networks, but my thoughts immediately went to “how do I get coupons for this individual products?”

        I’ve put this on my todo to investigate and will be sure to share here when (not if) I figure it out;)

  • Finnmann

    Great theme, I will buy the theme. If I understand correctly, if allowed in admin page, visitors or registered users can add coupons (and stores) to the Clipper-based site.

    It would be nice to add automatically the affiliate links to the coupons and stores if visitors can add those, or if the registered users are the owners of the store sites they could do that when adding their coupons or stores. Then every coupon would make money when visitors buy, visit, register, etc. on the site of the affiliate marketer.

    • author

      @Finnmann, yes that is correct. You as the site admin can decide if registration is required or not to submit coupons. Then all your users have their own personalized dashboard where they can manage & view stats on their coupons.

      Good idea on adding affiliate links to the coupons. We’ll likely have that feature added in a future release.

  • B2MFnK

    Is it possible to have dedicated “featured coupons” section displayed on store pages and category pages (ex. apparel) OR are “featured coupons” only displayed on the homepage?


  • Toronto Web Designer

    The “Print Coupon” option doesn’t work in chrome

    What would be nice is, instead of having a Red background for all the success percentages.

    It be green for 75% and up
    It be yellow for 60% – 74%
    It be Orange for 40% – 59%
    Then Red for below 40% success rate.

    IMO – just like retail me not. (At first glance everything looks unsuccessful)

    • author

      @Toronto Web Designer, thanks for letting us know and great idea about the background image changing based on percentage ranges. Will look to get that added.

  • MacGuy

    Hey guys. Any news on Sage theme? Need to use it for one of my Mac training projects 🙂

    • author

      @MacGuy, Sage is in a holding pattern until we can finish up ClassiPress 3.1 and Vantage. Look for it in the fall.

      • Alvin

        David, the Jobroller update with employer profiles and cv search, will this come somewhere in between or is it pushed back?

        >> Want to start a site with this theme at (Que Pasa?!), will wait till you got the Groupon styled theme here!


  • Theo

    Did you guys look at Moolala’s pay matrix? That would be great as it offers a good incentive for buyers to register more buyers and get a share in the profit. Any possibility to integrate that?

    • author

      @Theo, that’s more of a feature for a Groupon-style theme. Good idea though.

    • customer

      Hi Theo,
      What a great idea! This must be evaluated carefully so that it is not pyramid scheme kind of system what is not allowed in Europe.

  • Philippe

    Cette application est-elle traduite en français ?

  • Jason

    you need to have a “Clipper” install that has a coupon code that gives us a 20% discount on the lifetime dev membership :). I’d find that really useful 😉

  • Red Chilli Restaurant


    You should include a page for ” search by store ” with text links in aplhabetical order by store name. People know their local brands, shops etc.. and will recognise them.

    This is a fantastic ” LOCAL ” marketing medium, so local means people already know what businesses are in the area, they need to easily see the brand names / business names.

    Search by Store please

  • kathy

    is there a site where we can see the coupon clipper working?


  • Michael

    It will be nice to have users redeem coupons via their facebook page to make it viral. They have to sign in on facebook and post/share the coupon on their wall before they can print or redeem.

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