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Coupon and deal websites have taken off in the last couple of years and rightfully so. With the economy taking a toll on everyone’s wallet, shoppers search for coupon codes or printable coupons before they make their purchases. The problem is, where do they go to find these deals and how can you capitalize on this niche market?

Introducing Clipper, a coupon and deal management application theme for WordPress. Now you can be their source for discounts and make money from affiliate sales and monetize the traffic with our powerful new theme.

Complete coupon management tools

clipper custom post type

Capturing that discount demanding traffic is easy with Clipper because we have done all the hard work for you. Clipper uses custom post types and taxonomies to create a dedicated coupon management section that stays separate from blog posts. Coupons in Clipper have their own tags, categories and coupon types. It’s even setup with a custom store taxonomy and each store can have unlimited coupons.

Clipper also includes a built-in user ratings system, detailed statistics, “copy to clipboard” code links, problem reporting, dynamically generated store screenshots, social network integration, AJAX comments, email marketing widget ,and much more.

Unique features for your websites users

clipper subscriber dashboard

You will want to give your visitors a reason to return to your website, so we integrated unique features that allow for more user interaction. Your visitors can easily register (optional) and submit coupons via the “Submit a Coupon” form. They can keep track and manage all of their submissions via a dedicated user dashboard. Visitors can also rate coupons and report problems.

Coupon expired? Not to worry. Any user can click the “Report a Problem” link on a coupon and you’ll be notified via the admin panel and email instantly. You will also be able to capture those traffic leads and keep them coming back with a built-in “Subscribe to New Coupons” sign up form which integrates with several popular email marketing systems.

Clean, contemporary design

Clipper color options

At AppThemes we build more than just themes, we build fully functional web applications. But that doesn’t mean design is not important to us. We strive to make all our application themes attractive, contemporary and easy to use for your website visitors and Clipper is no exception. Front-end pages are clean and thoughtfully laid out.

We integrated AJAX components throughout to make your Clipper site easier to use. You will also have a choice between five different color schemes. However if you want something more unique, Clipper code is well-structured and W3C compliant. If you have the resources, you can create your own design and implement it with ease.

Completely extensible

We understand that one size doesn’t necessarily fit all. That’s why we’ve included a robust framework which allows developers to easily hook into the Clipper API. This means you can swap out sections of Clipper with ease or even build your own components without having to modify the core code.

This makes it easy to upgrade in the future and not have to worry about blowing away your custom changes. The API includes 50+ hooks which means you can hook into pretty much any section. Clipper also supports child themes so you can re-skin or override entire page templates.

Plenty of extras

Fully widgetized sidebars

You can add Clipper to an existing website or use it alone because Clipper comes packed with enough features to create a fully functional website. Clipper allows you to add additional WordPress pages and blog posts separate from coupons. Manage your main navigation menu just like you would in any WordPress installation.

Sidebars and footer are fully widgetized with specialized widgets for Clipper’s coupon features. Clipper also supports banner ads, is SEO-friendly and integrates with Twitter and Facebook. It also includes a .csv importer so you can quickly migrate over your legacy coupon site or bulk upload a batch of coupons.

Setup your coupon website in minutes

Using our step-by-step installation guide, you can have Clipper up and running in no time. Create coupons in minutes and start generating the traffic you always wanted.

Check out the Clipper product page for more details. You can also visit the Clipper demo site to see it in action.

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 Comments (80)

  • Bill Penick

    Will this theme work with data feeds like popshops or datafeedr?

    brydels likes this.
  • Hazel

    Very nice and very clean. I love it!
    How do you get codes for coupons in the backend? Also can you add your own custom designed coupons?

    I am also waiting for VANTAGE!

  • john

    is it possible to mass upload coupons like uploading a csv file? It’s bothersome if you will add coupons 1 by 1.

    • author

      @John, Clipper includes a csv (Excel) import tool so you can easily add all your coupons in one swoop.

  • Alex

    Does Clipper require a hosting plan using a private IP address and SSL for user’s sensitive information? Is there sensitive information required from user?

    Is there a feature for a community area, where users can share and interact?

  • Albert F A Matthews

    Hi, Nice themes,

    I have already in my arsenal another theme which I will not go into
    here and find it hard myself to put in the time to convert CSV file
    header columns to be accepted into the system and I am looking for something with features that will not each site is different and deal with the main top ones for a start as in the fields from one CSV export is not the same as any other.

    is there just a basic import feature built in to the theme ?
    the import structure is the most important part for me look of the site means nothing as I have found most import sides of the themes are left with small time impute on coding to get them suited to all networks ?

    Can this theme aswell import from a folder on the server where CSV files
    reside as well ??

    just some features I will be soon paying a coder to sort out for me and this would save me money if it was already in place and is really needed for success of this.

    Warmest Regards
    Albert F A Matthews

    Anonymous likes this.
    • author

      @Albert, no matter what theme/plugin importer you use, the column headers will have to be set (otherwise it won’t know how to import the data). We include a .csv sample file with the appropriate column headers making your job easier.

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