Call for ClassiPress 3.1 Beta Testers

ClassiPress 3.1 beta testingIt’s official! We’re about to launch the beta testing program for ClassiPress v3.1 and we need your help!

We have a limited number of spaces available, so a selection process will take place in order for us to gather the most suitable team of testers for this release.

Since it is important for us to ensure that the beta testers have the relevant amount of experience using ClassiPress, testing spots will be limited to existing AppThemes customers already using this theme.

Being a beta tester actually requires a lot of work on your part, so before signing up, please make sure you are ready for the commitment. You will need to dedicate several hours of your time (over a two-week period) to help flush out any bugs before 3.1 is ready for a GA release.

We’re looking for beta testers who are able to understand how WordPress and ClassiPress should work, and how to identify potential bugs. We will need you to document each step you took, what page you were on, and the bug behavior. During the bug ticketing process, it’s important to stay focused on the task of checking for bugs, as opposed to making feature requests.

Most importantly, this should not be seen as an opportunity to get an early copy of 3.1, as there may be bugs, therefore we do not recommend testing to be carried out on a live production site.

So, if you’re up for the challenge, and you’re interested in being a part of this process which will benefit the AppThemes community, then please apply to become a beta tester using the following link:

Apply Now!
Applications have now closed.

Once the beta program is ready to begin, we will communicate with all selected testers and confirm the process further.

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 Comments (30)

  • Coupon Codes

    This is a great news! I think ClassiPress lovers will help you for about it. Good luck AT!

  • mahi

    Oww.. Finally 🙂 .. waiting to see another great improve 🙂

  • CoolBeans

    this is great news! bring on the beta testers!i would offer to help but i don’t apply for free jobs. particularly when it could mean rejection. who wants that? am i right? just not in my credo. still im really looking forward to the release! you beta testers are going to do yeomens work and you are to be commended. great job classipress!

  • Alvin

    Nice move AT , i hope this will speed up the process and you get your hands free to work on other high-priority themes!
    I know how to modify, but not how to bug test it , take a look at my site!

  • Pandaranol

    Hi… I’m a Classipress user… check this website … I will be happy to help

  • Paul Littlebury

    I think I will pass, and wait for tested delivery, as I don’t have the time to commit. Would be interesting to see how easy it will be to upgrade to 3.1 – seems to be general area of concern in forums. At the moment my customised version of seems to be working well enough, but here’s hoping the testing goes well, and that it hasn’t left us “legacy” customers behind 😉

    • author

      It’s not going to be an issue if you’re already using 3.0.5 and above as the custom post type migration will have already been done. That’s really the biggest thing for legacy customers to get used to when upgrading from a pre 3.0.5 versions 🙂

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  • Laura

    I would apply as a tester, but I simply don’t have the time to dedicate to this opportunity as I work full-time, take care of my father-in-law (who has dementia) ect…It’s great to know that testing will be started soon though, and that 3.1 seems to be on schedule for it’s release.

  • Rick Adlam

    Great work David.
    Have been waiting for this a while and using classipress on This site’s layout is how I see it, but undeveloped as I was really waiting for 3.1 before rolling out. Also had problems with your recommended “share” plugin so switched that to the one on site now, which is now running well.

    • staff

      @Rick, the praise should go to the entire team not just me. 😉 They’ve all worked hard to get 3.1 done.

  • Ben

    Finally.. a step closer.

    I’m looking forward to buy the theme. Are there big changes in the layout?

    Will there be an option where users can post an ad w/o registering?

    Some pictures of the coming release would be nice.


    • staff

      @Ben, there will be lots of new features but no design changes. Users will be able to login via Facebook without having to register.

      • Ben

        Is it possible to include an option that users can login with Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo and MSN accounts?

        Any progress with launching date for 3.1?

        • author

          If you would like for these additional login options to be considered in a future release of the theme, you should submit a feature request on the AppThemes Ideas Exchange which is where our community can vote for such features to be implemented.

          Yes, v3.1 will be released this month as planned 🙂

  • customer


    I’ve just register to become a beta tester. I’m sure I can help you !

    I’ve experimented with CP for months now and I found many things that I’d like to improve (payment process, renewal ads, time server / time expiration, search, etc.).

    This product is good but it needs to be even more better.

    Thanks ! 😎

  • customer

    Well done to everyone at appthemes. Looking forward to this, location based search and facebook registration are biggies for me as well as multi-currency. I will fill out the form – but need to just see if I have time to commit to document correctly etc.

  • author

    Thanks once again to all those who have applied to help us with this crucial beta testing process, and ultimately volunteering your time for the benefit of the AppThemes community as a whole. We have now selected the testers, and will be in contact very soon with details on how to proceed. At the completion of beta testing, the final tested release will then be available to the wider community by the last week of the month.

  • Ryan

    Hope the beta testing is released soon or will be missing the June release target.

  • Andres

    Hi there,

    Wanted to tell you that I bought ClassiPress last year and since than I am waiting for the 3.1 version to come up. I couldn’t do anything with the script and my project didn’t even start. It’s a shame … 🙁

    • staff

      @Andres, any reason you decided to wait to use ClassiPress? It’s got plenty of features already and 3.1 will contain several new ones. 😉

  • Shah

    Hi David,

    Let me answer to your quest 🙂

    have bought classipress 3 months earlier. and i am also waiting for the 3.1.
    The feauters i am looking for are

    1. Advance Search.
    2. City Selection.
    3. AED Currency Support
    4. Payment Options
    5. Feedback and user ratings.

    i know these are all not possible, but i am not sure which one of these you guys included in 3.1 release.

  • customer

    If this new version includes “City Selection” and “Advance search” with custom fields than i can wait few more days.

    • staff

      @altafshah, yes it includes regions, cities, and advanced search which is completely customizable for each category. We’ll have it out by the end of June.

  • Rune Kvelland

    I’m looking forward to upgrading my site.

  • victor

    mobile version please

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