Version 2.9 Status Update

I know you are all patiently awaiting for the release of v2.9 so I wanted to give you a quick update. First of all, this release is going to be the best ever for ClassiPress and will really take this theme to the next level. Many of the features you have been asking for will be included which I will talk about more later.

The main focus of this release has been to address a couple of things. Primarily to build in the most requested customer features submitted in our Feature Request forum and to better organize the underlying ClassiPress framework and code. When existing customers get the latest upgrade, you will notice how some files have been moved around and additional directories have been created. This is not an attempt to confuse you or make things difficult when upgrading but rather to organize ClassiPress more logically so additional growth and features will be easier to add.

This release is also taking more time than I originally anticipated but it’s important not to rush it out. There are lots of new advanced features packed into this release so it’s important to thoroughly test everything before launching it.

The great news is there’s been a lot of buzz around this upcoming release and the excitement continues to build. I’ve had people emailing and asking me in the forums as to when it will be released so let me officially answer that now. The launch date will be May 24th of course pending any last minute bug fixes or issues.

Ok, now it’s the part you’ve been waiting for. Here is a high-level list of features expected to be included in v2.9:

  • Customer dashboard listing all their ads current status, edit & pause ad features
  • Customer profile page where they can update their own info & include a picture
  • Category-level pricing. Supports free categories as well
  • Percentage-based pricing. Ad cost will depend on what item listing cost is
  • Featured ad option so you can charge extra to be highlighted and listed at the top
  • Themed login, register, and forgot password pages.
  • New multi-step ad form with better validation and easier to add additional fields
  • Column ascending and descending sorting for all listings
  • Redesigned header with page nav, login, and a 468×60 banner spot
  • Google maps  so ads will show map of item location
  • Revamped categories to support multiple dropdown sub-categories
  • Created 2 levels of dropdown navigation for the header pages
  • Countdown timer to show remaining time left for each ad
  • Added a new ad form field called URL
  • Replaced prototype and scriptaculous with jquery
  • Replaced lightbox with fancybox for image viewing
  • and much more!

Here are a couple of screen shots to see what it will look like.



Ok, now that I’ve gotten you all excited you’ll have to hang on for just a little bit longer until it’s released. In the meantime I recommend joining our high paying affiliate program and write a blog post of your own. Doing a review of ClassiPress and then linking to us within your post is the best way to generate some bucks.

Prices will also be going up 20% starting July 1st so if you plan on buying ClassiPress, it’s a good idea to purchase it sooner rather than later. Keep in mind that all updates are free so you don’t need to worry about paying upgrade fees later.

For those of you who are ready to buy but not until v2.9 is released, I recommend you sign-up on the home page to receive updates. I will send out an email once it’s available so you’ll be one of the first to download it!

UPDATE: ClassiPress v2.9 is now available! Just released on 5/24 and is the best release yet. Check out the new live demo now! Existing customers – You will receive an email later this week with instructions on how to obtain this free update.

Founder, ClassiPress

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 Comments (35)

  • Search Geeks

    Cant wait!!!! I have held off developing my website for the latest update!

  • Search Geeks

    My most important new feature would be to have easier access to adding and editing fields on the form and on the home page.

  • Marcelo

    Great ! Great ! Great ! Great !

    Congratulations fot the great work David.

  • Vagon

    Great! Great !Great cant wait to see it.

  • quokka

    Looks impressing, I’m very excited…
    If you are in need of beta testers, I am available….
    Keep up the good work!

  • David

    Thanks for the positive feedback guys. I’m very excited to release this feature-packed version!

  • Jay

    This rocks! I was just about to launch our site but I think I’ll wait bit. Thanks for adding all these great features.

    Anonymous likes this.
  • Rich

    David, you have no idea how pumped I am you decided to convert to jQuery! I am very excited for this release.


  • David

    Yeah Rich, it just made a lot of sense to wire everything up to use jQuery. I personally used to like MooTools the best but jQuery is more popular for WordPress plugins, etc.

  • Premium Theme Info

    Nice! Very nice! I like the special offer most!

  • Ricardo

    Great new features David! Congratulations on the new features! Can’t wait to try them. Cheers.

  • Jomark Osabel

    I am as excited as a child waiting to open and play with his new toy.

    I am also happy the my site (in my signature) is included in the showcase section. Thanks David.

  • winmonaye

    Great work!! I feel very good that I bought ClassiPress.

  • peter

    I´am impressed by your work.

  • Megasale Malaysia

    been waiting such update!
    you are the best David & Classipress team.

  • Sonny

    Lucky me …. i saw this post today …..

  • Steven

    Our favorite ‘craigslist’ feature is region pivot, by clicking on the “brooklyn” tab, all results will suddenly be for brooklyn only (not nyc wide), would be a killer feature on wpclassipress!

  • Kay

    i am at the moment using the older version of classipress v.2.8

    Will the admin post the upgrade tutor to avoid damage of the current page?

  • kiltin

    Very excited for the new features cant wait!

  • dubya

    Can’t wait!!!

  • N_S

    Phew! Almost completed the checkout to purchase this wonderful theme.
    One thing I really want to improve is when you click on an item from the homepage, the image is at the bottom of the page which doesn’t set a good impression. It should be at the top for easy viewing for users, if that is improved then I’ll go for the developer license because I dont want to switch to another provider. Thanks!

  • N_S

    Updated demo looks much better! Just the images at the bottom instead of the top is disappointing. Please please change it 😀

  • David

    @N_S, v2.9 is now available for purchase. I still haven’t updated the product feature page but the live demo shows you everything.

    If you don’t like the images at the bottom, it’s easy to move them higher up. It’s just a section of code in one of the pages I can walk you through moving. Go ahead and purchase if you’re ready.

  • Steven

    Beautiful demo, does this look fine on wpmu? i’m interested in socializing this as much as possible..

  • David

    I haven’t actually tried it on WP MU yet. I’m sure it’s ok since it’s just a theme essentially. 🙂

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