Vantage Business Directory Theme Preview

Update! We’ve released Vantage. Please make sure you view the following blog posts to see the current state of this theme and future plans:

We’ve been quietly working away on a special theme which will be our most advanced WordPress App to-date. Vantage is not your typical business directory. It’s a powerful social networking business directory and can be better explained by breaking it down into three primary pieces:

Local Search

Vantage provides online local search capabilities for site visitors. Typically a visitor will search for a specific thing (i.e. a sandwich shop) and the location (i.e. a specific address, city, state, or zip code). This is all done using the Google Maps API and leveraging geo coordinates since they are the most accurate measure of distance.

Each business listing result contains details such as the business address, hours, website, description, etc. It also includes a 5-point rating system and reviews from other site members which are built up over time. The business owners can directly update their own business’ listing information via the Vantage customer account area.

Listings are organized by city/state and a multi-tier categorization system. Content and listings can also be discovered through categorized reviews or via Vantage member profiles and their review lists.


Having a solid community will help your site grow in leaps and bounds. Vantage automatically does this for you as it ties together user reviews and social networking functionality to create a local online community. Allowing your members to keep track of their reviews and displaying popular reviews on your site helps motivate contributors.

Vantage also plans on including a “First to Review” reward system to create a competition among contributing members, further motivating the creation of reviews and adding more unique content to your site.


Besides local business listings, an events system is also an important feature to have. Not only does it allow your members to create and advertise their offline events (i.e. car show, bbq, WordPress meetup, etc) it further helps to grow and involve your community.

Each event will have specific details like location, date/time, description, etc. Members can view the event and “Attend” so the event creator knows how many people to expect. This system will use an events custom post type and specific taxonomies to keep it separate from business listings and blog posts.

Now that should give you a much better picture of what to expect from Vantage. We’d also like to list out the high-level features to help answer some of your other questions.

Feature highlights include:

  • Monetizing your site by selling business listings
  • Build and foster your own user community
  • Business reviews and rating system
  • Allow your members to create event listings
  • Home page & category featured listing system
  • Custom post types & taxonomies for business listings
  • Custom post types & taxonomies for events
  • Save this and favorites bookmarking
  • Twitter & Facebook integration
  • Customer account area to manage business listing
  • Separate blog to promote your directory
  • Create your own custom fields and business listing forms
  • Search by keyword and/or location
  • Interactive Google maps for business listings & events
  • Multiple advertising spaces
  • Fully widgetized sidebar & footer
  • and much more!

Launch Date

We’ve spent the last couple of months on the design and getting the layout just right which has taken longer than we expected. In turn, it has pushed back the development so we just recently got underway. We know how important this theme is to everyone which is why we are doing our best to get it completed asap.

In order to do so, we have pushed back the release date back a few extra weeks to November 5th see our theme release status page for the latest status on Vantage. We know, you of course want it now but a product this advanced takes time to build correctly. 🙂

Here are some screenshots of Vantage:

Our development team is doing their best to get this built quickly. We are always open to your feedback and suggestions but any new feature requests will have to wait for the next release since everything is already locked in for v1.0.

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  • Simon

    I want to narrow this down so i can list just flower shops on here is this possible

  • Ben

    SUPER excited about the release of this theme. Was wondering if you have a feature to allow people to post their business for free (like a trail basis or special promotion where it runs free for a certain amount of time then they have to pay to use it).

    • author

      @Ben, there will be a free option just like ClassiPress. You setup the packages on a per-category basis.

  • customer
    Alvin Koetsier

    Could you release the language files in advance ?
    This way i can get my Dutch site up and running in no time when its released.

    I already started translating JobRoller into Dutch but this isn’t done in a few hours…

  • customer
    damian youell


    Much of the success of any website depends on link popularity. Will the business directory have an option for a reciprocal link to earn a business a premium listing?

    Most other directory software I have used has this and this makes SEO easier.



    • author

      @Damian, there isn’t a system built in for this but you can certainly create a page and explain how a reciprocal link will give them a discount or something.

      Vantage out of the box will be well optimized for SEO.

  • Christie Love

    Hey there,

    I agree, it’s all about visibility and getting your brand, product, or service out there. A strong community is absolutely necessary!

    Great article.

  • Rick


    Can the business reviews and rating system option be removed from the site?


  • kmalone

    Really impressive theme and I can’t wait for the release! 🙂

    From squinting at the 4 included preview images, I cannot see a form for “contact the owner of this listing” similar to option in the Classified Ads theme.

    I think this is a feature that really should be included in Vantage because it’s a measurable way for the paying advertisers to determine how much return they are receiving from paying for a listing.

    Can you confirm if this contact form will be included for each listing?

    Well done on a great theme.

  • George

    Great to hear you are making progress on Vantage Business Directory, I’m really looking forward to it.
    I also hope to use it as a stand alone Event Based Site.
    Would it be possible to use it solely as an Event based site?

    Keep up the good work

  • bellboy

    Hi David. A few questions (I hope not too many!) regarding Vantage if I may…

    Regarding the ratings:

    1. Can we enable/disable star ratings per directory or even per listing?
    2. Are the ratings per listing calculated as an average of every user submitted rating?
    3. Can we specify who can rate a listing (registered, unregistered, admin, etc)?
    4. Can the rating star icon be changed via the admin menu?


    5. Will users be able to post comments under each listing and will the star rank they assigned to it appear with their comment?
    6. Can regular users or even the admin post listings for any business they wish (of course yes) or is it geared towards the business owner submitting their own listing?
    7. Is it possible to show the number of listings on the main page perhaps in a widget?
    8. Will we be able to turn off the location function for specific categories? I would like to include products/movies reviews and ranking as well.
    9. Ranking per category. Will it be possible (via a widget?) to show the top ranked listing for the currently viewed category? Or at least, can we sort by highest ranked for a given category?

    • bellboy

      One more question if I may. Will it be possible to add a custom field for listings that can only be edited by the admin? For example, if I wanted to add an affiliate link to a post made by a user but do not want them be able to change it/add their own?

    • Alvin

      I would like to see a RSS feed that an user can submit while adding there business.
      This would make it even more valuable to them!
      If no RSS feed specified then show “related listings/posts”

      Cant wait for this release! Its gonna be an early christmas this year 🙂

  • customer
    Alvin Koetsier

    Hi David

    How about an option to add a logo upon registration ?
    This would be great for recognition and trust

    Oh and the job applications option 🙂

    Please consider this

  • Keith

    Hopefully there will be an option to upload a logo for each business listing?

  • Dario

    A long wait for this theme!

  • ObasPost

    Nice theme, will buy when price drops.Please email me a code if any and i will buy

  • Static Caravan Sites

    Please email me a code too if any discount is avaliable and i will buy straightway!!

  • John

    Look like a great directory one cannot believe it is made with wordpres. I think I will have to buy this

  • Yevie

    Is it possible to let only registered companies to add events ?
    And create an account that includes a year registration and add 5 events per month for example ?


  • Keith


    Will there be a contact form to contact the listing/business owner similar to the ClassiPress theme?

    I really think this is a feature that should be included in Vantage because it’s the only measurable way for the paying advertisers to determine how much return they are receiving from paying for a listing.

    Well done on a great looking theme.

  • customer
    Shaesta Shams

    Can you also include a points system based on rewarding users who leave reviews and contribute to local information.

    Can we also pre-oder Vantage?

  • tom

    The option to import several business entries at once with a .csv file would be great.

  • Sheran

    It would be SUPER if you’ll can let people adding profiles add special offers and let users be notified if it is in their “favorites” group.

  • George

    I’m looking to use buddypress to have local online “chapters” made so that people can market their local community and sign-up expert advisers to a 3 month free trial (unlimited local leads to them) – in exchange for a good 1st time customer special.

    Can this theme work with buddypress to make these chapters? Like: name

    I’d also like to have a 50% affiliate program for these ads – does your site offer an affiliate program?

    Lastly, It would be great to have a widget that people can put on their local website and make 50% for getting experts to sign-up to my site for their local area.

  • Jason

    Will this theme be adaptable to non-business listings, such as restaurants or other local venues?

  • Jeff

    David –

    I am looking to put together a directory with this theme and wanted to know if this will support Recurring payments – ie: Monthly or Yearly through PayPal?

    Also, will it support a directory that covers the entire US and not just one city?


  • Simon

    I’ve been patiently waiting for the Vantage Business Directory to be completed. At the moment its 60% complete, and scheduled to be completed 4th Quarter of November 2010.
    Want to get business up and running for New Year, crossing my fingers there are no delays.
    Thanks App Themes.


  • Dan

    AppThemes get Vantage done soon because as soon as its out I’m buying!

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