New, Fast & Easy Way to Add Quality Coupon Codes to Your Clipper Coupon Site

Your Clipper coupon site should be an affiliate revenue generating machine. But it’s tough to do that when your site lacks the great deals and coupons that most people are looking for.

Chasing down coupon codes and importing CSV files can be a huge drag on your time. So how do you get the coupon data you need without spending hours getting them in your coupon site?

Keep 100% of all commissionsYou get the XML coupon data feed plugin from Coupilia and watch your site get populated with coupon codes from over 3,600 merchants. These are quality coupon codes from some of the biggest names in retail: Target, Best Buy, Barnes & Noble and more. These highly sought after discounts and coupons can be on your site with just a few button clicks.

Head on over to to sign up and download the plugin. With a 2 week free trial, it would be ridiculous for you to pass up this opportunity.

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  • customer

    I am willing to test this concept however the Coupilia site keeps kicking me back to the Create Account page even though I this step has been completed.

    I have no way to download the plugin to test this concept

    • author

      Thanks for trying, augustabiz. Can you try dropping them a line at clipper [at] coupilia [dot] com? I’m sure they would be ready to help you out with this.

    • Coupilia

      Were you able to download the plugin?

      To clarify, after you signup for an account a Welcome email is sent to you and you will need to authenticate your email address by clicking on the inserted link. Some clients have found this email in their Junk Email box.

      If you would like us to resend the Welcome email or you have any futher questions or issues, please email us at clipper [at] coupilia [dot] com. If you include your phone number, we can call you and walk you through the process if you prefer.

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  • customer

    Just a question about the two-day approval: Do you know what is involved in the approval process, especially for those of us who may have fresh installs of Clipper with little to no content at this point? Is there a chance of rejection based on a new site or a site in maintenance mode before going live?

    I have an aged coupon code domain that is in maintenance mode at the moment while I tweak Clipper. I’d like it to stay that way until I import the Coupilia feed so it goes live filled with content. In your dealings with Coupilia were approval/rejection standards discussed?

  • raj

    Interesting .. only thing it doesn’t work on non US websites

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  • anon

    The plugin seems to cause errors on my site, unless it is a fresh install, is this being worked on, coupons and stores are being put under wrong categories.

  • MrKita

    Great topic. I will try..

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