Introducing Quality Control

Quality ControlIssue. Tracking. Made. Easy. It’s that simple with Quality Control, our newest application theme – a full-blown ticketing system built by developers, for developers.

It’s flexible framework allows coders to easily build plugins and child themes. It also runs on WordPress Multisite so you can setup endless projects – each with it’s own set of user permissions. And best of all, it’s integrated with GitHub and Beanstalk for seamless ticket control.

The development of this theme was headed up by Cristi (aka scribu) and is his first major contribution to AppThemes since he joined us a few months back. As we mentioned previously, he’s a WordPress core contributor so you’ll notice the extensive use of the WordPress API and the beautiful craftsmanship of the code.

QC also makes use of our new “app framework” which includes all sorts of goodies (which we’ll announce in the coming weeks). In addition, we’re happy to introduce the 1140px Grid System which is baked into QC (and which eventually all our themes will adopt). 1140px Grid is the hot new fluid responsive design CSS framework.

When you adjust the viewport of your browser, it automatically resizes to adapt. At a certain point it uses media queries to serve up a mobile version which means smart devices like the iPad and iPhone will be sized correctly.

No Skimping, This is the Real Deal

Quality Control is a complete ticketing system that lets your team create tickets, assign statuses and responsibility, set priorities, milestones, categories, and tags. It encourages collaboration by providing ways to interact with tickets. Update a ticket’s status. Change the milestone. Reassign who’s responsible. Make comments. Add an attachment. Your team will have everything they need to be effective and work together in pure unison.

Recent ticket activity Ticket details Share Documents & Images Collaborate on Tickets Unlimited User Accounts Define Project Goals

It’s on WordPress

Quality Control is a solid, complete bug tracking system that works on WordPress. That means it’s a breeze to install and simple to manage. You’re going to have it up and running in no time and hosted in your own environment.

You’re in complete control with Quality Control. Install it on your server. Customize the look to match your brand. Own your data. Create unlimited users. Create multiple projects using WordPress Multisite. Change the language file and Quality Control displays in your native language. It’s all in your hands. We love the cloud and all, but sometimes it makes more sense to control your own data and allow the flexibility to build and customize your app however you like.

Repository Integration

SVN. Git. Every team uses (or should use) these popular revision control systems. Bug tracking or ticketing software that does not integrate one of these just doesn’t cut it. So we decided to include both. Set up is easy-peasy. Link it to your Beanstalk or Git account and changesets are automatically linked up to each ticket for complete visibility into your code checkins.

Git and SVN integration

Start Tracking Issues Now

View the demo to see how it all works. Read our install guide. And then purchase Quality Control and get to work in minutes. It’s easy to install, easy to manage and easy to use. Quality Control is going to make your team more efficient and your projects easier to track.

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 Comments (50)

  • David

    Seems like an interesting concept, but why would you want to use WordPress for a platform like bug-tracking? Why not use a platform like JIRA, Redmine, or Bugzilla, that are dedicated to doing just bug-tracking?

    • David

      @David, good question. The beautiful thing about using WordPress as an app platform is it’s extensibility. You can easily customize QC with your own design (child theme) and/or write plugins to add/change functionality. You also own the data, it’s easy to manage, and the learning curve is low. I know JIRA, Redmine, Bugzilla, and others are good solutions and plugins exist, but we wanted to build a viable solution for the WordPress community.

      We actually looked at using some of those solutions internally but they just didn’t fit our requirements (i.e. Jira is on Java, Redmine on Ruby, and Bugzilla on Perl). We wanted something that integrated easily with our existing architecture (i.e. WordPress and user management).

      This first release is just scratching the surface. We will continue to add features over time and foresee our customers building plugins and child themes making it even more useful.

  • Snore

    Boring to everyone except a bunch of programmers. You guys gonna finish Vantage or what?

  • Snore

    I’m trolling a bit. No offense to the programmers here. Maybe QC has been in the work behind the scenes for a long, long time.

    I’m sure that Vantage will get finished at some point, it just seems strange that with all the demand for it that something as esoteric as this takes precedence.


    • author

      Appreciate the thinking. Actually, we acquired Quality Control from another source and then had Cristi Burca work on it as a first project. Releasing this new theme had very little impact on Vantage.

      By the way, the work completed by Cristi on this theme is phenomenal. With Cristi, Pete and Tyler all working on Vantage, I think the results will be far and above anything we have done at AppThemes so far.

    • customer

      We are working hard on Vantage and you will be pleased with the finished product. QualityControl has been in development for a long time and Cristi has worked really hard on it.

  • Kiran Chikkala

    When can we expect Vantage Theme and also please let me know what are the other themes you were planning in AppThemes RoadMap

  • Erlend Sogge Heggen

    This looks absolutely brilliant. I am very curious about the GitHub integration. Does it go both ways? I’d love to see a video demonstrating this particular feature more in depth.

    • customer

      Not sure what you mean by both ways.

      QC periodically pulls in commits made on github and creates comments on any tickets referenced in those commits with links back to github.

      Same for Beanstalk.

  • Trev

    Really??? Interesting theme, but we have been waiting for VANTAGE well over a year. Please provide some news about Vantage.


  • peter

    Vantage: We are waiting, saving all our money to buy it… :))

  • Jamie

    Are we really no closer to at least getting an eta for vantage though? Seems as if the team are hiding behind something and scared to tell us what the problem is. I’m not being disrespectful and hope it doesn’t come across like that, we just all would like even a rough idea of the release date.


    • David

      @Jamie, thanks for the comment. Nothing to hide behind. We’ve got our new development team up to speed and all working on Vantage now. As mentioned below, we’re planning to have a beta by the end of the year.

  • Alvin

    I really like the bug splat hahaha , nice addition 😉
    No use for me, but i guess it can be a popular theme for programmers.
    Good luck with this one!

  • Mike

    Can this theme, Quality Control, be used for different uses like task management for groups without too much tweaking?

    task management, project management, etc.

    • David

      @Mike, it’s not really setup for a Basecamp-style project management tool.

      • baxter

        a proper base camp project management tool would have a way larger potential market than this. Not to say it isn’t great but, programmers can be pretty snobby especially against products like wordpress. I mean; if you put it to a vote or did some market research you would see i’m probably right.

  • Mike Schinkel

    This looks really interesting, but the demo doesn’t give access to see the admin (AFAICT) and it doesn’t let us view tickets we are not assigned to, so the demo is really limited. Any chance of a better demo so I can really evaluate it?

    • David

      @Mike, you should be able to view the admin demo. When you visit the login page, it should be pre-filled with the admin demo account. If you created a separate account already, just log out of it first.

  • customer

    Wow. It is really surprising release. Now I can manage my SEO clients with this application theme. I think.?!.

    All the best for AppThemes theme developers. No hurry for Vantage. Take your time and release the quality product.

  • TutsPress

    Great job @David , yes this is really surprising relase on App Themes. I like 1140 grid system.

  • Jeff

    I wonder if this could be used as a ticketing system for customers?

  • Kreativ Theme

    Congrats on Quality Control, another unique theme, or should I say app :), from Appthemes … this has a very nice idea behind … I’ve also post about it here:


  • gas station management

    It seems an interesting concept yes now we easily manage our seo clients This looks absolutely brilliant thanks cristi to work on it!!!

  • James

    Just wondering about the user access. Do you have to have multi-site enabled in order to have multiple projects. Also can each project be private to user login only?

    • David

      @James, yes, you’d need MS in order to setup multiple projects with different permission groups. Each “site” is equal to a project. Then you assign user access accordingly.

      • James

        Thanks for the update David, that seems to make sense – cheers for the new theme – nice surprise – looking forward to vantage – but your sick of hearing this now 😉 cheers mate

    • Xcinemaonline

      I’m trolling a bit. No offense to the programmers here.

  • Francis

    Have you heard the news that Google Maps will start charging websites for using their service ?

    Will this new Google Maps’ policy technically affect people who use Classipress or Vantage themes ?

    • peter

      To be charged, you have to hit 25,000 map loads per day.

      But a substantial number of sites could be affected. Worldwide, there are 1,115,421 different websites and apps using Google Maps into their site, according to site metric specialist Builtwith.
      Travel, shopping, business and news sites look likely to be the ones hit with Google’s charges, as these sectors are the heaviest users of the service.

      Unless site owners agree to the charges, or do a deal with Google, they will be unable to use Google Maps.

      ‘No site exceeding these limits will stop working immediately,’ said Google via its official map blog.

      ‘We understand that developers need time to evaluate their usage, determine if they are affected, and respond if necessary. There are three options available for sites that are exceeding the limits.’

      If they opt not to pay for this, fees are $4 per 1,000 page loads over the 25,000 per day – or £10 per Street View load over the 10,000 per day.

      Read more:–thousands-sites-apps-hit-fees.html#ixzz1cqa7kICC

  • logiciel de dessin

    this post is not working in the mobile version.

    • author

      Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Can you tell us what mobile device you are using to view the post? I just viewed on an EVO and see everything just fine.

  • custom facebook app

    is that like birebug ?
    i meant that icon is same like that.

  • james

    Hey guys, so we are in December. Is Vantage on track for an end of month release date? I think ive been checking the status page now for over a year so I thought I’d check in 🙂 You guys need any early testers – I tested clipper with David previously so I might have some time to give this a run through and send any early bugs your way – if needed of course. Hope everything is on track.

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