ClassiPress v3.1.1 is Now Available

ClassiPress 3.1.1 has just been released. This was a minor maintenance release to fix a couple of bugs that slipped through 3.1. All customers should upgrade. Fixed a total of 3 tickets. A breakdown of tickets can be found below.


  • fixed issue on theme-comments template where $ was accidentally added to a function
  • fixed issue where spaces in refine search didn’t work correctly
  • fixed error in refine search when selecting a city caused an implode error


  • none

Files Modified

style.css		Modified
includes/appthemes-functions.php	Modified
includes/admin/admin-values.php	Modified
includes/theme-enqueue.php	Modified
includes/theme-refine.php	Modified
includes/theme-facebook.php	Modified
includes/theme-comments.php	Modified
changelog.txt	Modified

Upgrade Information

To download v3.1.1, visit AppThemes and login to your customer account. Existing customers can download the patch or the full version.

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 Comments (15)

  • customer

    thanks guys 🙂
    very quick
    and in download section
    the .zip file from v.3.1.1 contents 3 empty folder and file has 221 KB
    pls check, coz is not correct packed

  • customer

    Hi, just installed 3.1.1 today. The “refine search” feature does not seem to appear at all.

  • amelie

    with 3.1.1 the page down (going to page 2, 3, etc.) does not work on the homepage with the 3 tabs (latest, most popular, random). It works within categories. We posted it also in thread but this is very critical. Some jscript seems to have changed compared to previous version.

  • customer

    Just installed 3.1.1. but i missing some pictures

    On Post ad the orange color is missing and just around the site. This is a fresh install.

  • customer

    So, I replaced all the files as per the instructions. Yet, it displays as CP3.1 and alerts me that I should download CP 3.1.1, so – am I on 3.1 or 3.1.1? Every single file was replaced following the same structure as in the file. Or is there other instructions not included?

    • author

      @teddyjohan, there turned out to be a bug that doesn’t update the version number. So as long as you made the updates correctly, you’re fine.

  • customer

    I am still running 3.1 RC1 and I see both a 3.1.1 patch and a 3.1.1 (latest). I was wondering whether I can just update using the patch and it will get me to the same place?
    ie. is 3.1 RC1 + Patch = 3.1.1 (latest)?

    Thank you!

    • author

      @altor25, no you should start fresh with a full 3.1.1 install. There were some additional changes from the RC1 to 3.1.1.

  • Sonia

    I removed the $ from the comment file manually. Do I still have to update for the other 2?

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