Why “Claim a Listing” is One of the Best Ideas in Vantage

Tutorial Tuesdays
We have three tutorials for your pleasure today. Two useful tutorials for Vantage and a great little tip from Dave on creating category-specific RSS feeds.

How to Set Up and Use “Claim Listing” in Vantage

Claim Listings in VantageThis simple feature in Vantage is probably also one of the most useful. Business listings are the lifeblood of any decent business directory site. Listings generate traffic, traffic helps you get more listings and more listings help you get even more traffic. It’s an upward spiral once you get it rolling. But how do you get it rolling?

“Claim listing” is going to help you do that. You can add a ton of listings to your site and mark them as “claimable”. If a business owner sees their business on your directory, they simply claim the listing, pay for it and it’s theirs. It’s as simple as that!

Our tutorial on claiming listings explains the whole process in full detail. It shows you how to make listings claimable and what your customers will experience when they claim a listing. Once you read this simple tutorial, you’ll be anxious to put claimable listings on your site.

Styling Custom Fields in Vantage

Styling Custom Fields in VantageIf you haven’t seen our video tutorial on creating custom fields with the AppThemes custom for builder, you should do that now. The custom form builder is a powerful tool that lets you add the data you need for your business directory.

Once you have that custom data, you can head over and check out our tutorial on styling custom fields in Vantage. By default, and out of necessity, the display for custom fields is pretty much plain vanilla. This tutorial will show you how a few CSS changes can make your custom fields jump off the page.

Creating Category-Specific RSS Feeds

Category-Specific RSS FeedsSometimes, it’s useful to provide a feed for just one category. Let’s say you have a blog about politics. You like to write about conservative and liberal political issues. Your readers, on the other hand, are not so open minded. The liberals only want to read about liberal topics and conservatives want conservative topics. And both want a feed to satisfy their reading desires.

Your theme might come with something like this built in – our’s do. But if you’re using a theme doesn’t have this option, don’t worry. We have you covered. Dave Cowgill has created a tutorial to show you how to create WordPress category RSS feeds. Read it and rest easy knowing that readers can get access to the category-specific content the crave!

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  • customer

    how to change vantage to spanish…

  • josuehdez

    I just wanted to know if it’s possible for users(not business members) if it’s possible for them to post their own profile picture. Also, do you know of any plugins I can use for users to be able to post a picture taken at the business when they rate or write a comment on the business listings.

    Your answer would be greatly appreciated.


    • author
      Shannon Dunn

      There is not a way in the theme to add a profile picture for users. By default, WordPress uses Gravatar ( https://en.gravatar.com ). A Gravatar avatar will show for any user account that uses an email address associated with a Gravatar. Right now, that’s the only way your site’s user could add their own avatar image.

      To add images to to comments, you might want to try this plugin:


  • customer

    Who has the most affordable options to purchase CSV files of local Business Data inorder to upload into vantage

    vegaskev likes this.
    • author
      Shannon Dunn

      We don’t have information on where and how to obtain local business data. There are a lot of sources. A simple web search should turn up a lot of results.

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