ClassiPress Child Theme Tutorial (Part 1)

This post is outdated. Please follow the instructions on creating a ClassiPress child theme on our docs site instead.

Yes, its finally here. I know you all have been anxiously awaiting some guidance on creating a child theme. This first part of the tutorial will cover the basics. I’m going to try to assume you know absolutely nothing about WordPress or child themes.

It will however, require that you understand some simple things like how to FTP to your server, browse the file structure, and upload/download files to your WordPress installation.

Step 1: Creating the Folder and Stylesheet Files

What I have to show you here is that I’ve downloaded the most recent version of WordPress, at the time of writing this article. Then I’ve placed the folder on my desktop and navigated to the “themes” directory. I’ve also already copied my “ClassiPress” theme folder that I purchased into this folder.

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