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We have one tutorial today, but it’s a really good one thanks to a tip from AppThemes user orangemedia.

You Gotta Be Social! TutorialWant to jump start marketing and traffic generation for your ClassiPress, Clipper, JobRoller or Vantage site? Well, you’re going to need to be very active on social networks. Tweeting new ads, listings and coupons help announce new content on your site and attract new visitors.

Better yet, posting to social networks is a positive feature that’s sure to impress the customers of your site. Who wouldn’t want their classifieds ad tweeted to all your followers? Posting new coupons on your Facebook account would have to be a plus for your Clipper site. And LinkedIn is so important to recruiting these days, job providers would be excited to know that all new job listings get posted to your LinkedIn account.

Manually tweeting and posting to Facebook or LinkedIn can be too much. You don’t want to spend all your time updating your social networks. Well, how about having it all done automatically?

Today’s tutorial shows you how to do just that. Using, ads, listings, coupons, jobs and resumes can all be posted to your social networks almost immediately after they are created. Check out our tutorial on How to Auto Post to Social Networks and start pumping out ad related social networking content today.

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  • tbase

    Hi Team,

    Thank you for the tut, a very nice social service for sure!

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    • author

      Thanks, tbase. To be sure, there are other services including TwitterFeed. We also looked at a couple of plugins. seemed easy to use and it covers Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn well, which is especially important for our users.

      It would be great to see how some customers are using these types of services. Anyone doing this successfully and want to share?

  • Odothemes

    I’m sure this tutorial help a lot of wp users. Be social !

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  • VNS Kodukula

    A great tutorial for the CP beginners. Just i had tries it and it works well. Now all my new ad postings will automatically posted in all social networks with the help of Thank yoj WP uutorial once again.
    I recommend this for all.

  • customer

    Can I please have this tutorial ?

  • customer

    Hello, I have a question/concern about it. If my site is set to post every ad on my site’s Facebook page, and I have 600 ads posted in one day will the people’s walls who have liked my site be cluttered with all 600 ads. Or tweets?

    Basically will every ad that is posted on my site pop up on peoples walls? Because that might cause them to unlike my site due to the aggravation. How does the process work?

    I was wondering this and I haven’t seen any information on it.


    • author
      Shannon offers a few settings to help you with this. You can limit the number of items posted and you can limit the number of items posted in a certain period. They even have a setting called “trickle” which let’s you trickle posts a little at a time. I’d suggest signing up and trying the features for yourself. It’s free.

      By the way, we have no affiliation with It was suggested by one of our customers. I thought it would be useful for other customers and decided to create a tutorial. Hope it works for you.

  • baurebu

    Works great. The only problem I have is that in the facebook post it does not show an image. Any suggestions?

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