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Yarrrr! It’s a Mighty Special, One-Day Sale!

September 19, 2011 | Shannon Dunn | News

That’s right me lads and lasses. AppThemes is having a one day sale to celebrate International Talk Like a Pirate Day. For one day only, we be using our trusty rapiers to slash 30% off any purchase at AppThemes.

Is it ClassiPress ye be wanting? Get it now for 30% off.

Be JobRoller or Clipper more to ye liking? 30% off.

Or raid our treasure chest for the bountiful AppThemes Club packages. These too be 30% off.

I know ye may be thinking, “Well chum me waters, how do I get me seafaring hands on such a mind-boggling deal?!?!” Fear not me hearties. Ye need not travel to Davey Jones’ locker. A partin’ with doubloons shan’t ye do. Just enter the secret code of yarrrrrr when purchasing yer sundries and the 30% discount shall belong to thee.

But go handsomely now! Me offer only lasts from the time it take the moon to return above the pirate coast (Monday, September 19 12:00AM to 11:59PM – all times PDT, UTC-7:00).

So shiver me timbers sea dogs. Raise the good ol’ Jolly Roger and seize yer loot. An’ please be so kind to scrawl yer own chantey in our comments area, Cap’n. We would be much obliged.

Yo-ho yo-ho, an AppThemes deal for thee!

Discount: 30% off
Coupon code: yarrrrrr
Expires: September 19 11:59PM UTC-7:00 (Pacific Daylight Time)

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9 Responses to “Yarrrr! It’s a Mighty Special, One-Day Sale!

  1. hi.. if i bought it with preferred hosting (50% off), that mean i get 50% + 30% off.. right? :)

    • Avatar of Shannon Dunn


      3/11 Joined

      As with any discount or promotional deal, we give you the greater discount but not both. 80% off just is not something we can do and stay in business too long. Thanks for asking, though.

  2. Hey boss Classipress Theme is awesome …but will u please let me know difference between .psd file theme and non .psd file. What role does .psd file play in the template.

    • Avatar of Yumiko


      11/10 Joined

      @Yogen, the actual theme supplied with whatever license type you choose to purchase (Standard Edition or Developer Edition) is exactly the same. The difference between the two license types is the inclusion of the Photoshop .psd design files with the Developer Edition license. These files are useful for web designers who may wish to redesign the default theme template, as the information they need to work with such as margins, colors, and sizes, are already laid out in the files. You always have the option to upgrade to the Developer license at a later time if you find you needed the .psd files.

  3. I’m going to sit here and stare at your blog until another discount comes available. I really want this script plugin!!! Great work.

  4. Does the standard include editable images in psd? How much to upgrade to developer edition at a later date? Thanks.

    • Avatar of Yumiko


      11/10 Joined

      @John, no the Standard Edition license does not include the Photoshop .psd files, these are only included with the Developer Edition license. Generally speaking you would only need to pay the difference between the two license types if upgrading from one to the other, depending on what you paid originally. Thanks.

  5. Avatar of delishaz


    I am interested in purchasing your classipress theme. Can you please let me kno if it’s possible for members to post an ad without having to sign up for an account just like kijiji.

    Please let me know..


    • Avatar of Yumiko


      11/10 Joined

      @shazam, by default, ClassiPress requires site visitors to register first in order to post an ad. It would require some customization of the default theme files on your part to achieve what you describe, but it can be done. Our themes are not encrypted, so you are free to make such modifications. Thanks.

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