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ClassiPress Child Themes Tutorial Updated for CP 3.2

November 6, 2012 | Shannon Dunn | Tutorials

Tutorial Tuesdays
ClassiPress 3.2 is here! It’s time to update our ClassiPress child theme tutorials. This week, we’ll begin with the basics. We’ll continue to create more tutorials so you have all the instructions needed to create your own spectacular child theme for ClassiPress.

ClassiPress Child Themes: Getting Started

ClassiPress Child ThemesClassiPress Child ThemesOur ClassiPress developer, Andrjez, kicks things off with the basics. His ClassiPress child themes tutorial shows you the fundamentals of folder structure, styling and functionality. With this tutorial, you should be able to create a basic child theme for ClassiPress. If you’re a whiz with CSS and WordPress functions, you’ll be able to do even more. He also provides some clear examples of how changes can affect the layout and functionality of the parent theme.

Read his ClassiPress child theme tutorial and start making your own child theme today.

You might also want to check out another important ClassiPress tutorial from Andrjez. In it, Andrzej presents a check list of things that should be completed to update child themes for ClassiPress 3.2. This is a must read if you have an existing ClassiPress child theme and plan to upgrade to CP 3.2.

And Now, a Couple of Handy Tuts from Our Founder…

AppThemes founder, Dave Cowgill, never passes up an opportunity to learn how to do something new with WordPress. Each time he does, he writes a tutorial to share with the world. Sometimes these improvements seem to be small but they frequently have a big impact.

This week, he has two new tuts that will help improve your WordPress posting productivity. His first lesson shows you how to add custom buttons to the WordPress editor. These custom buttons give single-click capability to add tags to your post. Dave’s other tutorial shows you how to make posts via email using WordPress multisite. This is going to be super useful if you’re always on the go. Now you can just make a post via email from your phone or other device.

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4 Responses to “ClassiPress Child Themes Tutorial Updated for CP 3.2

  1. Hi, I want to see a tutorial, how to setup the plugin “wp super chache”. It looks like classipress not calculate ad clicks correct when have that activated.

    There is many settings and it would be nice to see how to best use it with ex. classipress..

    To have speed and good performance is as you know really important, for ex. google rank etc..


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    • Avatar of Shannon Dunn


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      Thanks for the suggestion, Anders. I’ll see if one of our devs can work on this.

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  2. Just a question: Can i sell my child theme “Portaportese” in the appthemes marketplace?
    (see demo: http://www.viterbomotori.it)

    • Avatar of David


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      @JuNky3, sure! Read the requirements here and then send us an email.

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