All About the Updater Plugin

With the anticipated release of Vantage 1.1 coming this week, we have prepared and released our new AppThemes updater plugin. The plugin is going to make updates easy and a simple. Dave has created a full blog post about the updater. We suggest giving it a quick read to see what the updater is all about.

This tutorial Tuesday is going to be sweet and simple. We’re going to show you how to install and use the new updater plugin. Dave has a nice written tutorial with instructions on how to install the new AppThemes updater plugin. Once you have it installed, check out the video created by Vantage developer Josh Ronk. In the video, Josh shows us how to use the updater plugin to update a theme.

These tutorials are very brief. But that’s because the updater is that straightforward and uncomplicated. It’s also the best way to update all our themes. So hop on over and check it out then download your own copy of the AppThemes updater plugin.

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