3.0.2 Scheduled For This Week

A new version of ClassiPress is scheduled to be released this coming Friday. It is a general patch release that will address a handful of newly discovered bugs along with a couple of new enhancements. Not all fixes are listed below but rather just the higher priority issues.

Key Bug Fixes

New Enhancements

The last enhancement is actually a big one for several customers. It appears not everyone is creating ads with the ad submission form which has caused them some problems. These customers are using automated scripts to pull ads from other sites (via rss or xml feeds) which is fine of course, but if the ad creation process doesn’t go through the ClassiPress ad submission form, certain fields and values are empty.

You might have read some threads about ads expiring on January 1st, 1970 and wondered why this was happening.  In most cases it’s because the ad didn’t have and expiration date set so when ClassiPress tries to compare an empty date value to the current date/time, it uses the January 1st, 1970 12:00 date which is the start of Unix time and immediately expires the ad listing.

This new enhancement will check to see if the ad came in with an expiration date. If not, it will create one based on your “Ad Listing Period” value. That should help prevent these customers from ads expiring immediately.

It is recommended to always upgrade to the latest version, however there aren’t any security or stability issues that will be fixed in 3.0.2 so it’s not mandatory.

Existing customers will be able to download this updated version by using their original e-junkie download link. I know it’s a pain to keep going back to this email but we will be moving to a new portal system in May at which time you will be able to login and download any updates from there.

Not only will this make it much easier for you, but also for myself and the forum support staff. Having to manually look-up, verify, and resend download links for customers is not the best method. We have just outgrown our customer management system so it needs to be upgraded.

In addition, the forum will be moving to vBulletin which is a much better forum platform. It will also be restricted to customers-only which will allow us to provide you with better support.

Reminder – Support questions are not to be posted within the comments below. Please use the forum for anything related to product support.

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