Version 2.9.3 is Now Available

If you haven’t already noticed, yesterday ClassiPress v2.9.3 was released which is a general bug and security patch. There are no new features as we are saving those all for 3.0 which is due out towards the end of January (assuming everything goes as planned).

I felt it was important to fix several bugs in the 2.9 branch before taking ClassiPress to 3.0. When I first started working on 2.9.3 is was supposed to have only been a small release — mainly adding support for new PayPal currencies, fixing a mail function bug, and improving the discovery of the ad thumbnail image path. Well, I ended up spending many long days cleaning up and stabilizing the product which was much needed.

So should I upgrade or not?

That’s the question most of you existing customers will ask. To contradict myself from the previous blog post, “ClassiPress v2.9.3 Coming Soon“, I recommend all ClassiPress customers upgrade to v2.9.3 because of the fixes and small security issue. If you’ve done lots of customization and don’t want to redo them all after the upgrade, I recommend manually making the upgrade by looking at the changelog.txt included with the update.

The two most important changes to make would be upgrading your fancybox script to 1.2.6+ (which will fix the IE8 bug for displaying images), and the security fix to remove ad owners jumbled email address from hidden field.

The good news for those using ClassiPress in another language, you can upgrade and use your existing .po without a hitch. I was very careful when making all the fixes not to disturb the translation text so I don’t see any issues there.

In order to download the latest version, just use your original E-Junkie download link. It will always contain the latest version. If you lost or deleted your email (shame on you), then follow the instructions under the ClassiPress FAQ.

Should I hold out for 3.0 and forget this update?

Good question and the answer can vary. It really comes down to how much work you’ve already put into customizing your theme. If you haven’t done any mods, then the upgrade is an easy process. No changes required and you just overwrite your existing /themes/classipress directory. On the other hand, if you’ve modified the ClassiPress code a ton and plan on using 3.0, it might not be worth it.

Since 3.0 will be completely rewritten, you’ll have some work ahead of you and you won’t want to do it twice. Some customers might decide to just stay on v2.9+ so they don’t have to deal with the hassle. There will be some manual migration work and if you’ve got a fairly large site, it will be a bear to do.

So here’s the official list of all fixes and changes packed into 2.9.3.

2.9.3 Fixes:

2.9.3 Changes:

This will most likely be the final release for 2.9 unless there are some critical fixes that need to be done. Now it’s full steam ahead with development on 3.0. The holidays have (and will) make it difficult to spend a lot of time on 3.0 which is why I’m setting an end of January release date.

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