AppThemes Updater – A New Plugin to Keep Your Themes Healthy

We’ve just released a new plugin called the AppThemes Updater which now handles automatic theme updates. Previously, this functionality was baked directly into our themes but there were some limitations prompting us to separate it as a plugin.

Why the change?

As our product offerings continue to grow, we want to provide updates to our API more quickly — without having to wait for individual theme releases. Here are some other benefits:

The update process is still the same as you’ll be prompted before the update actually occurs just like WordPress plugin updates.

What do I need to do?

Existing customers need to download and install the plugin found on their dashboard to continue to receive automatic updates as the old updater API has been deprecated (meaning it no longer works). You only need to download the plugin once (and activate it) and enter your AppThemes API key (we wrote a separate tutorial on our docs site if you’d like step-by-step instructions).

What if I don’t install the plugin?

You will no longer receive automatic theme updates. However, you can still manually download each new version from your dashboard and install it that way.

What is an AppThemes API key?

It’s a uniquely assigned authentication token required for accessing our services (such as the auto updater). It’s not something you should share with others besides your clients (if applicable). It also helps to prevent malicious use or abuse of our API by limiting the number of requests made per our daily limit.

Can I get multiple API keys?

Not at this time. You may use the same API key across multiple sites and/or clients.

Once you install the plugin, you’ll be notified of any new product updates. The check usually happens a couple times a day so if you don’t see an alert right away, check back again later.

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