Making JobRoller an Even Better Job Board Theme

With all the buzz about Vantage these days, it might be hard to notice that we have been working diligently on our other themes as well. In fact, one of our New Year’s resolutions was to release a new update for ClassiPress, JobRoller and Clipper once per month. I’m happy to say, we haven’t faltered on that resolution yet.

We just released JobRoller 1.5.4 – that’s five updates in the last five months! We’ve made incredible progress with the theme in that time period. Our once sizable ticket list has just a handful of open issues. We feel that JobRoller is stronger and more stable than it’s ever been – and now it’s time to take it to the next level.

Indeed, Simply Hired and More

The Indeed feed has been a great feature for JobRoller. 1.5.4 makes even more use of the Indeed feed data. You are now able to use and display Indeed data in ways that simply were not possible in the past.

As good as Indeed has been, we’ve heard your cries for more. That’s why we are working on a Simply Hired feed. Expect to see that available as a plugin for JobRoller by late spring of this year. Indeed and Simply Hired are just the start. If there is a feed out that there that is worth having, we’ll be looking to add it to JobRoller.

Your Ideas + Our Job Board Software = Huge Success!

Admittedly, there are a ton of great ideas on the AppThemes ideas exchange. We’re reviewing the list and we will be incorporating some of the most popular ideas in the near future. Obviously, job alerts is the overwhelming favorite and we’ll be adding that feature soon. We can’t add everything to the theme at once, but you will start to see more and more of your ideas in JobRoller in the coming months.

Tell Us More

The ideas exchange is great for sharing feature suggestions but it doesn’t tell us the whole story. We want to hear directly from you. What is it like to use JobRoller? What are the good things – what are the bad? Are you a recruiter? Are you a corporation that uses JobRoller to list open positions?

If you think you have a story worth telling, drop an email to me at I want to talk to you!

Bruno Makes it All Possible

All the recent progress on JobRoller is the result of the hard work done by Bruno Carreço. Many of our customers may know Bruno as Sebet in the forums and as the creator of the FXtender plugin for JobRoller. Bruno was doing a lot of work with JobRoller and offering invaluable help to many of our customers. We thought it was a no-brainer to make him part of the team.

Bruno has been working with us for a few months now. He is the dedicated developer for JobRoller and responsible for maintaining the theme, creating new features and helping the support staff with customer issues and questions. Bruno will also be helping to create new tutorials and documentation. With Bruno on board, JobRoller is going to be better than ever.

Good People Making Good Things for Good Themes

We’re not the only ones hard at work on our themes. There is a growing community of developers that are making products that work with our themes. As mentioned above, Bruno offers the FXtender plugin which extends some of the capabilities of JobRoller. TinyGiant studios is another great source for JobRoller add-ons, They create a very attractive child theme called Prima. They also have a couple of plugins worth looking at: TypeRight and Count.

We will be promoting more plugins and child themes for all our themes. We can’t put everything into a single application theme. These “after-market” products take it up a notch and give you, the customer, the options to expand JobRoller even further. Let these developers know that you want more products like these by checking out their current products now.

Don’t Forget to Talk to Us

Seriously, we want to hear from you. Send an email and tell us your experience. We’d love to hear it.
Thanks and here’s to our mutually beneficial success.

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