JobRoller 1.7 Now Available

JobRoller 1.7 is here with some fantastic updates! Here’s a taste of what’s in JobRoller 1.7.

Be sure to read the full post as there are important notes for those choosing to update to JobRoller 1.7.

Custom Forms
Those who already own Vantage, should already be familiar with this feature. It works like the normal Posts menu on WP backend, but to create custom forms. Each new form can have any custom field type and can be assigned to one or multiple categories.

On JobRoller, custom forms can be created to provide additional fields to job listers when submitting jobs. When users select a job category assigned to a custom form it is presented with the custom fields. These can be optional or required.

Additional fields are displayed after the job lister selects the job category.

Any values inserted on the custom fields are available on the job page, including file downloads.

Our powerful payments framework is now integrated with JobRoller 1.7 meaning that payment gateways are not limited to PayPal anymore. Bank Transfer is now an additional option and additional gateways can be purchased from our Marketplace.

The payments framework adds it’s own menu on WP backend and allows site owners to easily manage all payment settings, plans and orders. This change also allowed to trim down the number of scattered menu pages and settings related with pricing and orders.

Previous versions only allowed to create one single pricing plan, unless you used job packs. After 1.7, site owners choose a plan type, single or pack, create any number of job plan and assign them to any job category. Additionally, plans have their own relist price that enable job listers to relist jobs for free or at a lower price and can be set a usage limit, allowing to set trial or promotional limited plans.

The resumes subscriptions pricing structure also changed and site owners can now create subscriptions plans, just like job plans.

Addons are part of the payments framework, and are applied to jobs and users. Addons represent a special attribute assigned to a job or a user. For example, purchasing a plan with the ‘Browse Resumes’ and ‘View Resumes’ addon will give the job lister access to resumes for a limited duration. Purchasing a featured addon will make the purchased job featured on listings and/or category.

There are 2 job addons, and 2 user addons:

Featured Addons (applied to jobs):

Resumes Addons (applied to users):

These addons can be included directly on a job plan for free, or purchased separately. Each paid addon can have it’s own price and duration, and included addons can be set a duration or usage limit.

Addons are a great addition to JobRoller, as it will allow to further monetize your site.

Site owners have certainly noticed that the Recruiters role as been available in JobRoller for a while, but could only be assigned to a user from the backend. JobRoller 1.7 changes that, and there’s now an additional ‘Recruiter’ role available on registration. This role is optional, and site owners can easily enable/disable Recruiters registration.

Job listers and Recruiters can both submit jobs, but the addition of the Recruiter, allows site owners to control each role differently. For example, Resumes access can be limited to Recruiters, Job Listers or both.

More reCaptcha
Security continues to be a priority so we added additional reCaptcha options to contact forms (including resumes), and to the apply online form.

Orders Available on Users Dashboards
Each user can now access their orders history straight from their dashboard and track each order status.

AppThemes Coupons
With the addition of the AppThemes Payments API, JobRoller is now compatible with the AppThemes Coupons plugin. Offer listing discounts and promos to the customers of your site. It’s a great way to get first-time customers to make that first listing or to get long-time customers to come back for more.

Much More
These are the major features coming with JobRoller 1.7, but they are not all. You can read the full list on the changelog.

Upgrading from previous versions

When you activate JobRoller 1.7, all your previous settings, including pricing and orders will be automatically upgraded. No additional actions are needed.

Important Notes for Updating to JobRoller 1.7

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