ClassiPress 3.0.4 Upcoming Release Details

Not far behind our previous release comes version 3.0.4 which addresses a couple important bugs. We preferred to wait and fix these in v3.1 which is scheduled for the end of September, but felt these couldn’t wait.

The main bugs fixed in this patch release are as follows:

As a special gift for not catching these bugs in v3.0.3, we decided to slip in a couple new features that were scheduled for v3.1. These features are mostly related to payment options but also includes a few other “enhancements”.

So when should you expect to see v3.0.4? It’s currently locked down in svn and our development team is regression testing. Translation: Everything is fixed and we’re now testing it.

Expect to see it on your customer dashboard for download by this Friday the 13th. Well, maybe we’ll release it on Thursday so we’re not jinxing ourselves. 🙂

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