Poll: Help Us Choose Our Next Theme

Ahhh! The sound of a productive team is wonderful to the ears. The AppThemes lead team is making great progress on Vantage. Andrzej is doing fantastic work on ClassiPress 3.2. And we’re finalizing designs for the release of our ideas theme.

The lead developers are getting so much work done on Vantage that it’s time for management to start thinking about our next theme. That begs the question, “What should be next for AppThemes?”

Your Chance to Decide

Who better to put this question to than you? That’s right, our loyal customers and supportive community members. This is your chance to tell us what you want next. What theme have you been longing to have?

We checked out our ideas exchange to come up with the most popular theme ideas. Read the short summaries and then vote in the poll below. If you don’t see the theme you want, why not tell us about it in the comments.

Deals Theme
Daily deals are widely popular among consumers these days and the industry is growing exponentially each year. Offer one-day or group deals at huge discounts. Allow membership and deliver deals daily via email, social networks and RSS feeds. This theme might be able to work as a deals aggregator, too.
Auction Theme
The online auction industry is about millions of little niches. You likely concentrate a lot of your time on one or two niches that you really love. You could leverage that enthusiasm into creating an auction (or reverse-auction) site where like-minded people offer and bid on items that they are just as passionate about.
Reviews and price comparison theme
Review sites are a pretty great thing. They attract shoppers that are ready to make a purchase but just need a little reassurance that they are spending their money wisely. A smartly developed reviews theme would help you generate attractive and SEO-friendly review content. A price comparison feature would make it even more compelling for cash-in-hand shoppers.
Pinboard theme
Pinboards are the biggest online craze these days. Nothing is growing faster or generating more buzz on the internet. A pinboard theme would help you get in on the trend.
Dating theme
It surprised us that this is one of the most popularly requested themes on our ideas exchange. And why not? Everyone’s looking for love. Charge a price to allow singles to create a profile, communicate with romantic prospects and post regular updates about their dating adventures.
Hotel and rental booking theme
This theme could have dual purposes. It could serve as a booking tool for small hotels and motels. It could also be a central vacation and rentals site for multiple properties like VRBO and AirBNB. Charge property owners to list their rental and accept reservations.
How-to theme
How many people search for how-to articles or tutorials every day? The number must be mind-boggling. A how-to theme would help you tap into that traffic. Accept user generated content or create your own. We’d make sure this theme had a ton of advertising space.
Real estate theme
It seems like every shop has a real estate theme but perhaps it’s time for a real estate theme done the AppThemes way.
Maybe you just want to sell stuff online and need a reliable store front and shopping cart to make it happen. Should we create a theme to help you do that?
Productivity tools
When we released QualityControl, many people asked, “Why?” We agree that it’s not like our other themes but we have had a lot of great feedback about QualityControl. Maybe we need to focus on more productivity tools for our next themes. Possibilities: wiki theme, Q&A theme, a support theme, CRM. How about an enterprise social networking theme?
Maybe we shouldn’t focus on new themes. Should we try to extract some of the functionality of our themes in plugins? Should we create plugins for bbPress or BuddyPress?

Vote Now!

We know it can be tough to decide, so pick your top three favorites. Also, we don’t want you to be influenced by vote results so we’re keeping them hidden. We’ll reveal the final tally later. And don’t just vote, tell us what’s on your wish list in the comments below.

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