How to use Actions, Hooks and current_theme_supports

Today’s Tutorial Tuesday tempts with two tutorials from talented Tyler – whew!

Using Actions and Hooks in Your Child Themes

Using Actions and HooksYou know the AppThemes mantra when it comes to customizing code, “Child themes, child themes, child themes!” It’s so important to create child themes. Well, we’re making an effort to ensure you have the right tools and information to do just that.

Sometimes, creating a child theme is not as simple as adding template files to your child theme folder. It would be nice if our themes were that elementary. Instead, they are complex, robust applications that require more than templates.

When you’re creating a child theme that needs to work with the more complex features in our themes, you might need to take advantage of actions and hooks. Luckily for you, Tyler has created a tutorial on using actions and hooks to tell you all about it.

Detecting Features with current_theme_supports

Detecting Features with current_theme
Want to know what features and function a theme supports without crawling through every line of code yourself? We bet you do! A code sniffing blood hound would be great for that. what do you know, WordPress has something just like that.

Tyler’s second tutorial today explains how to use ‘current_theme_supports’ to find features and functions supported by a theme. This helpful tool is bound to save you loads of time.

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