AppThemes is a fast growing company that employs talent from all around the world. Our diverse team located in eight different countries consists of highly skilled WordPress developers, support gurus, and enthusiasts who come together to make awesome premium themes available in over two dozen different languages.

Meet the Team


David Photo

USA flag
David Cowgill
Founder & Chief Strategist

David has been a passionate WordPress developer, enthusiast, and evangelist ever since it was first released back in 2005. He has over 15 years experience in Internet Marketing & Web Development working for cloud computing companies such as Oracle, Siebel,, SpringSource, and VMware.

He started AppThemes in May 2010 with a vision to make business applications easy to setup and use for virtually anyone. He has defined a new niche and coined the term “Application Themes” while leading his company to becoming the market leader in the WordPress Application Themes business.

David currently resides in the beautiful city of San Francisco, CA. He’s the brother of Steve Cowgill, the lead guitarist for a well known acoustic surf rock band called Bag of Toys who has been featured in a Microsoft Zune commercial, Bones, and several movies.

Along with Beau Lebens of Automattic and Zach Berke of Exygy, he is co-organizer of the popular San Francisco WordPress Meetup which meets monthly at the WordPress Automattic headquarters.

He was a speaker at the 2011 SF WordCamp on “Making Money and Having Fun Selling WordPress Themes“. His work has been published in numerous articles and books including WordPress 3 Site Blueprints and Google Blogger for Dummies (ironically) for his previous Blogger business, eBlog Templates (powered by WordPress of course).

Tyler Photo

USA flag
Tyler Carter
Web Developer

Tyler Carter is an accomplished student who taught himself WordPress and web development over the past few years. He’s a Stack Overflow addict with over 650 solved programming questions credited to his name. He’s read numerous books, blogs, and articles on topics ranging from marketing to programming to photography.

In his free time he mentors a robotics team in San Diego, CA and sits on the steering committee for TEDxYouth@ San Diego – an event that brings 20 students from 12 different schools in the San Diego area together to be inspired about changing the world. He doesn’t like Pina Coladas, or getting caught in the rain.

Bruno Photo

Portugal flag
Bruno Carreço
Web Developer

Bruno is an enthusiast programmer with 12 years experience in several programming languages. He tries to follow the new web trends as much as possible and he’s always busy working on some new idea.

He was introduced to WordPress by accident when a friend asked for his help customizing a WordPress blog. He became a fan ever since, developing plugins, making customizations and most importantly, learning and improving his skills.

He loves design, gadgets and is passionate about the video game industry. When not ‘connected’, he can be found practicing Krav-Maga, Tennis or trying to find a WI-FI spot to reconnect.

Yumiko Photo

New Zealand flag
Yumiko Grayston
Support & Localization Manager

Yumiko (aka Pepsi) is our lead support wrangler and forum moderator responsible for all things support and language pack related. If you’ve asked a question in the forum before, chances are she was the first to answer. Her speed, knowledge, and patience makes her a great addition to the AppThemes team.

She is a mom with two girls from New Zealand with over 10 years experience in IT — specifically network engineering & technical support roles. She enjoys learning new technologies and is currently enhancing her skill set in the area of web development.

She was introduced to WordPress solely because of her desire to use ClassiPress, which was the only product of all those she researched that suited her needs perfectly.

Jomark Photo

Philippines flag
Jomark Osabel
Forum Support Guru

Jomark has been instrumental is helping grow and nurture the AppThemes support forum. When he’s not helping others in the forum, he is an internet entrepreneur and an independent filmmaker.

Jomark is intensively self-taught in the field of digital movie/film making and internet marketing and co-founded SineBuano, Cebu’s independent film-making group. His portfolio contains more than 50 websites which include several AppThemes-based sites.

Dimitris Photo

Greece flag
Dimitris Bakalidis
Forum & Community Manager

Dimitris has an incredibly varied skill set. His knowledge covers everything from web development, design, server administration, search engine optimization and, of course, WordPress.

Most importantly, Dimitris brings with him years of experience helping customers get through their toughest technical issues while providing support for hardware and software companies.

Dimitris enjoys writing valid HTML and CSS. He spends his free time practicing photography, playing sports, watching movies and reading.

Rolf Photo

German flag
Rolf Hassel
Forum Support Guru

Rolf’s first experience with computers was with a Commodore Amiga 500 back in 1987. He created his first of many websites in 1995. He continued online, creating forum websites including one for people interested in running their own forum. It proved to be a huge success, growing to 60,000+ in a short time. He has created over 40 Joomla (at that time it was called “Mambo”) websites and spent three years providing support for a web hosting company in Germany.

Rolf only recently began using WordPress and ClassiPress while looking for classifieds software. He started to build his first classifieds site but found himself spending more time in the forums than finishing his site. His incredible level of activity attracted the attention of the AppThemes staff.

When Rolf is not online, he spends free time spearfishing and motorbike riding. Rolf lives with his wife in Germany where they like doing home improvement projects.

Artem photo

Russian flag
Artem Frolov
Web Developer

Artem (aka dikiyforester) lives in Yekaterinburg, Russia and graduated with a technical degree. One day he stumbled across ClassiPress and decided to launch his own classified ads website. Being an engineer, he dug into the code to learn how it worked. After becoming adept with PHP and WordPress, he started to customize the theme.

Little by little, programming and forum discussions turned from a hobby into a passion (and eventually a career). He fell in love with WordPress and soon built his first WordPress plugin (which was the first Marketplace item listed and a top seller).

His success, personality, and quality of code attracted the AppThemes team whom eventually offered him a job. He still wonders how it all happened. :-)

When Artem isn’t coding away for AppThemes, he spends his time reading books from authors such as Strugatsky brothers, Neal Town Stephenson, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Douglas Noël Adams). He also enjoys listening to experimental (the more distant from mainstream the better), Icelandic, underground, and rock n roll music. You’ll sometimes catch him backpacking as well.